RatsGONE is your one-stop shop for eliminating rats quickly and humanely. We can help you solve rat infestations while reducing the chances of your house stinking of dead rats or being swarmed with large flies. We are the modern alternative to traditional pest control - We Are The Best!

Contract Rat Control

Never have rats again with specialist rat and rodent control contracts keeping you safe.

Drain Investigation

Discover the root cause of rat infestations in your home and business with Hi-Tech CCTV

Emergency Control

When Rats invade your house or business we can be onsite within hours for rapid elimination.

Rats don't just come from the drains on your property, they also come from neighbouring properties! Rat control is sometimes a thankless process. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Rodent control can be expensive, especially if you spend large sums of money protecting your home, only to discover an unconcerned or uncooperative neighbour is the source of the problem.

RatsGONE Forever

Getting rid of rats forever sounds like a bold claim, but internally this is no sales gimmick! After helping hundreds of customers get rid of rats forever, we know our unique system of repair and remediation is exceptional. Our services are holistic and designed to return your home to a place of relaxation without the Bait - Stink - Flies - Repeat, service offered by our competitors! We Are The Best at Solving rat Problems.


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